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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to verify membership and information on one of your members. How can I get this information?

In order to release information on any of our members, we require written verification containing the signature of the person about whom you are requesting information. You can send verification requests to our association by fax (417) 881-1865 or by mail (2750 East Sunshine, Springfield, MO 65804).

What is the Certified in Homeland Security, CHS® program?

The CHSSM program is a professional membership association dedicated to the credentials, training, and continuing education of professionals from across the nation interested in homeland security.

Who can become a member of American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS)?

Please click here to review the requirements for membership.

What do I get with my ABCHS membership?

Please click here to review the benefits of membership.

For which level of CHS do I qualify?

CHS levels I, II, and III is based on a course and examination.

  • CHS-I - This entry-level program is obtained by completing a 50-question exam.
  • CHS-II - This entry-level program is obtained by completing a 75-question exam.
  • CHS-III - This entry-level program is obtained by completing a 75-question exam.
  • CHS-IV and CHS-V are attainable only through the successful completion of in-depth homeland security courses and exams provided by prominent CHS instructors at the Regional Conference. Also, you must have earned the CHS-III designation and successfully complete the FEMA courses IS-700.A and IS-800.B CHS Level-IV course is "Incident Awareness, Response, and Terrorism" and can be taken online The CHS Level-V course is "CBRNE Preparedness" and may be earned only at the annual National Conference.

Will ABCHS sell or share my personal information with third parties?

No. The privacy of our members is extremely important to us. All of the personal information sent to us is kept confidential.

Does ABCHS verify the credentials of members?

Yes, the credential verification process is as follows:

Applicants for general membership in CHS must provide documentation of their degrees, licenses, and qualifications. These applicants must also provide their signature confirming that the information they provide to CHS in their applications is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. These general membership applications are reviewed when they are received. In this review process, an applicant's degrees are confirmed for legitimacy whenever possible and his or her professional licenses are confirmed with that individual's particular state licensing board.

How long does the CHS application and credentialing process take?

The application and credentialing process usually takes 2-4 weeks after we receive all requested documentation.

Is there a student membership in CHS?

No, at this time there is no CHS student membership.

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