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J. Clay Fielding


I have been an IT Director and VP of Technology and have served as a corporate officer on three boards. I have also worked on the development of a smartcard project - Emedical ID, serving as Software Engineer, and have been an executive in a company that went public in 1997 in a $10 Million dollar offering. I have two Masters Degrees, one in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix and the second is in Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently, I have a small consulting company called Isis Consulting which focuses on Cyber Security issues/training and network design & development.

Due to my combined experience in the financial services industry with my own company Sextant Financial (20 years) and the above, I am a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group's Councils of Advisors (Technology, Travel & Information) which connect institutional investment managers with leading experts on the technologies, regulations and dynamics that determine the fortunes of the companies in which they invest. I also consult with Standard & Poor's in this same area through the Society of Industry Leaders. Sextant Financial has evolved into a consulting practice providing services to a Private Client Group meeting their Institutional Banking & Secure Travel needs. For further information you may see my Professional Profile at www.ethicscheck.com

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