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Certified Master Chaplain, CMC


ABCMC is designed to deliver the highest level of standards and quality in training, credentialing, and continuing education opportunities for chaplains of all disciplines.

Accomplishing the Mission:

These chaplains serve a wide variety of venues, including homeland security, law enforcement, fire/rescue, Emergency medical services, hospital, hospice, mental health, military, school/university, workplace, and forensics, among other fields.

The American Board for Certified Master Chaplains is an educational-based, multidisciplinary and professional network of chaplains. These professionals are committed to providing critically needed spiritual care, psychological support, and intervention services to victims of crisis and traumatic events.

The ABCMC mission is committed to fostering the personal and professional growth of chaplains through higher- education and specialized credentialing; and by advocating for the advancement of methods, practices, research, and studies of spiritual and psychological care and support within the field of chaplaincy. This is accomplished with our dedication and our members' extraordinary knowledge base, combined with an in-place organizational structure.


Board Members

  • Bishop Dana Head
Vice Chair
Board Members:

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